Why Hyperlocal Brand Intelligence Is Fundamental to Franchise Success
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Why Hyperlocal Brand Intelligence Is Fundamental to Franchise Success

Why Hyperlocal Brand Intelligence Is Fundamental to Franchise Success

U.S. businesses lose more than $35.3 billion annually because of avoidable customer experience (CX) issues. There is no denying that positive CX is a vital differentiating factor when it comes to preserving strong customer relationships and gaining a competitive advantage. Understanding what local customers want is one of the most important ways for franchise brands to solidify customer loyalty across multiple brick-and-mortar locations. However, for brands with tens or hundreds of locations and layers of sales, marketing, and corporate and regional management, it’s all too easy for the local customer experience to get lost in the process of building a legacy brand.

This is where the value of hyperlocal AI-powered brand intelligence comes into play. Brand intelligence (BI) is the unique combination of structured and unstructured data providing insights into a franchise brand’s reputation, customer perceptions, competitive landscape, and industry trends. By collecting and analyzing this data, multi-location businesses can better understand their consumer base and pivot quickly to meet their customers’ evolving needs and expectations.

Cost-effective and efficient data management starts with AI-powered reputation and brand intelligence platforms offering solutions designed to help multi-location brands optimize online visibility, reputation, and CX strategy at scale.

Improving CX starts with deep listening to hyperlocal customer conversations 

Chatmeter conducted a 2023 survey of nearly 1,400 U.S. consumers and found that 94.5% of respondents had posted an online review in the past year. Eighty-nine percent indicated they rely on online reviews to evaluate a brand. More than 67% saw reviews as an essential first step in deciding to make a purchase, seeking out comments specific to pricing, features, options, and quality. Survey results revealed the immense importance of online consumer dialogue, overwhelmingly indicating that customers expect a response and fast action when they post reviews.

Clearly, online reviews matter.

Customers want businesses to engage with them in conversation about their concerns and experiences. They want to be heard. Thoughtful responses to all consumer reviews—good, bad, or neutral—are critical to CX excellence.

Businesses that respond with thoughtful specificity about their product or service, paying close attention to the unique needs of patrons at each brick-and-mortar franchise store, can turn a one-time buyer into a brand advocate and loyal customer. By understanding and responding to customer reviews, multi-location businesses open the door to more engaged customers (and prospects), increased foot traffic, greater brand awareness, and customer satisfaction.

The fastest, most effective path to total CX visibility across all stages of the customer journey is the adoption of AI and machine learning technology that reveals real-time insights straight from the voice of the customer. 

Building the personalized, human connections that customers crave with AI tech

AI-powered solutions using natural language processing (NLP) make it easy to collect millions of online reviews and comments and analyze relevant keywords, prevailing topics, and consumer thoughts and feelings.

AI and NLP technology give multi-location businesses the power to drill down into the customer sentiment trends and patterns at each franchise location to adjust operational and marketing strategy to meet the unique needs of local customers. Franchise brands can leverage their online customer reviews to identify the brick-and-mortar locations with successful CX and those that might need more support. With sentiment analysis software multi-location franchise enterprises can:

• Identify repeat customer experience issues

• Uncover location-based wins and pain points

• Validate the successes of trial products or services

• Discover new business opportunities

• Improve local and brand-wide customer satisfaction

When the voice of the customer is elevated and prioritized, franchises can keep their finger on the pulse of their most vital asset: customers. AI-powered deep listening technology is the best way to manage a franchise brand’s online reputation, glean essential feedback, and build loyalty—all of which accelerate competitive advantage and increased profit.

Cynthia Sener is President, Go-to-Market, of Chatmeter, a reputation management and brand intelligence company that combines AI-powered deep listening with real-time CX agility. In 2023, Chatmeter released a new consumer survey report that highlights the impact of online reviews. The report looked at consumer behavior and perceptions across four vertical industries: retail, restaurant, healthcare, and financial services.

Published: April 10th, 2023

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