Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue SE, 2011: 2011 Multi-Unit Buyers Guide
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: 2011 Multi-Unit Buyers Guide

Special Edition | 2011

2011 Multi-Unit Buyers Guide

Multi-unit franchisees dominate today's marketplace, controlling more total units than their single-unit counterparts--and an increasing number are operating multiple brands.
Kerry Pipes and Eddy Goldberg
Franchisees are an optimistic lot, expansion-minded, on the grow, always alert to new opportunities. And for them, multi-unit franchising represents one of today's most attractive opportunities. Whether it involves increasing the number of units of their current brand or adding new brands to their holdings, the allure of multi-unit franchising is attracting the best and brightest franchisees in the business with increasing frequency.
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Franchising continues to grow--not only in size, but in complexity--and in recent years, a huge part of that growth is attributable to multi-brand franchising.
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Multi-brand franchising allows multi-unit operators to balance risk and ride out the uncertainties of the marketplace in many ways...
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Ziggi's Coffee
Ziggi's Coffee
Ziggi's Coffee

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