Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue IV, 2023: Building A Family Legacy
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: Building A Family Legacy

Q4 | 2023

Building A Family Legacy

Ranking the 2023 Dominators

Scooter's Coffee
Scooter's Coffee
Scooter's Coffee
Michael Fay saw the value of franchising at a college job. Now he has 40 units spread across four brands.
Sara Wykes
Roger Wagner focuses on the core pillars of his business: hospitality, quality, service, and cleanliness.
Sara Wykes
Inspired by his family, Sedrick Turner has devoted himself to becoming a successful entrepreneur
Sara Wykes
USMC veteran Talisin Burton applies his drive and belief in teamwork to growing his multi-brand franchise operation
Sara Wykes
Multi-brand franchisee with nearly 250 units takes pride in the number of people who have been a part of his business journey
Sara Wykes
Who’s up? Who’s down? Find out who’s dominating their states and regions in our 2023 Dominators Rankings.
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Marco's Pizza®
These 5 multi-unit franchisees show how to manage across state lines and municipal borders
M. Scott Morris
To lease or buy? Franchisees discuss the pros and cons and timing for both
Colleen McMillar
Looking for employees in today’s job market? Check out these tips from a veteran HR pro!
Mary Lou Atkins
Every employee contributes to customer service success, not just those in frontline positions
John DiJulius
The IFA and its members push back against federal and state attempts to destroy the franchise business model
Matthew Haller
Turbo-charge your growth by integrating your real estate decisions with your scaling objectives
Jason Fefer
The importance of creating the right monthly dashboard to track financial results and ensure team members are accountable
Barbara Nuss
Looking ahead into a new, post-pandemic “normal” as Covid changed nearly everything about how we live, work, and do business
Carol Schleif
When it’s time to sell, owning the real estate offers several ways to maximize value and align the sale with your goals
Pat McCauley
When it comes to making decisions in a franchise organization, market research plays a key role in aligning all the stakeholders’ interests
Paul Wilbur
Despite public misconceptions, franchisees provide pay and benefits equivalent to other industries.
M. Scott Morris
With effective communication, conflicts can become opportunities for growth.
Kendall Rawls
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Hungry Howie's Pizza
Hungry Howie's Pizza

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