Can Facebook Ads Help You Get More Likes?
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Can Facebook Ads Help You Get More Likes?

For better or for worse, social media marketers know that their clients and/or superiors are judging the success of their efforts at least in part by the number of follows, likes, +1s, fans, new buddies, comrades, etc. they can garner. And while it’s probably true that a little too much emphasis is placed on this metric, it doesn’t change the fact that achieving sustained follower growth is a big deal.

On Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and others, it’s somewhat easier to get people to like or follow your franchise’s page than it is on Facebook. This is because on these channels brands can actively follow other companies, industry leaders, and other account pages, knowing that a certain percentage are going to follow them back.

On Facebook, however, things are a little more difficult because your brand’s page can’t like other pages, as on the other networks. To get likes on Facebook, you can do a number of things with varied success: run contests and promotions, ask employees to participate and help boost your posts’ visibility, and of course, simply post a lot of great content that people will share with others, prompting likes to the page itself.

Some of these are easier said than done and can require significant time and effort, but one method for gaining likes has, in my experience, been automatic: run ads. At the digital marketing agency I work for, I manage social media accounts for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and recently we decided to experiment with ads on our own Facebook account.

We got creative by making our ad in the form of the “success kid” meme, which we thought would attract more eyeballs, make people chuckle, and, of course, get them to like the page. We took advantage of Facebook’s ridiculously granular targeting techniques, designating that our ad run for people who are within certain geographic limits and age ranges and who had an interest in things related to digital marketing.

We were skeptical at first, but the campaign has been fairly successful. It started off slowly, garnering one to three new likes per day for an average cost per click between $1 and $2. However, after a few tweaks, the campaign is pulling in closer to 15 to 25 likes a day, many of which cost us less than a dollar. All in all, since starting the campaign in June, we’ve grown our paltry sub-400-fan following into an army of 1300+ (and growing). That’s 900+ followers in only a few months, at a total cost of about $660. Not too shabby.

So can Facebook ads actually help you get more likes? You bet your bottom dollar they can. Make a creative, eye-catching ad, pick out the perfect target demographics for your business, and presto! You’re on your way to Facebook superstardom.

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Have other good ideas to increase following on social media channels? I’d love to hear about them.

James Crater is the Content and Social Media Manager for Local Search Masters (LSM), a Nashville-based digital marketing agency. He has been published in the Vanderbilt Hustler, Nashville Business Journal, the BizBuySell blog, and LSM’s blog. He can be reached at, and you can find more digital marketing content at

Published: November 20th, 2013

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