Stories from the Covid-19 Front Lines: Update with Susan Boresow, President of Title Boxing Club
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Stories from the Covid-19 Front Lines: Update with Susan Boresow, President of Title Boxing Club

Stories from the Covid-19 Front Lines: Update with Susan Boresow, President of Title Boxing Club

Brand: Title Boxing Club

Segment: Health/fitness

Units: 170

Locations: U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic

How many locations has your brand re-opened? How many are closed for good?

About 85% of our clubs have reopened. We are awaiting for another 15 to reopen, primarily in New York City, California, and our international markets. When that occurs about 92% of our clubs will have reopened. 

What are your franchisees telling you about their economic recovery?

Our franchisees are resilient and have worked to continue to engage their members even when they were closed. Some of our franchisees have begun recuperating and are tracking almost back to pre-Covid. Those that opened sooner are continuing to gain momentum. Some clubs are just now reopening after almost 6 months of being shut down. Our franchisees are optimistic and have gone above and beyond to make their members feel safe with social distancing and enhanced cleanliness. We have a “no touch” type of workout our members feel very comfortable with. We’ve always had this: Title Boxing Club is you, your gloves, and your bag!

Has business shifted to delivery/pick-up? What effect has this had?

We have met the member/consumer where they are – we launched Title on Demand in January 2019, and since March we have provided it free to all members to keep them engaged and healthy during these times. Our franchisees now have the opportunity to sell a Title on Demand membership to their members and are able to keep the net profits from that. Also, our franchisees were hosting Zoom walk-throughs to showcase a cleaning and a no-touch workout experience. Our members still get the same amazing workout they always have had.

What new programs did you introduce for franchisees during Covid-19? 

Our franchisees have provided Zoom classes, livestreamed classes on their social media sites, and virtual private training, not only to keep members engaged and healthy, but the trainers too. Another way franchisees stepped up to help members is that many provided classes outside in parks or on rooftops. We also introduced a Title Boxing Club Kid’s Camp, ages 5 to 10, that focuses on building endurance, gaining confidence, and building skills and a strong mindset. Not only do the kids love this, the parents do too. There were also different marketing strategies our franchisees could choose from based on their situation. This gave them the flexibility to implement volume, membership, and other strategies based on their market situation.

How have your franchisees responded to these programs?

Overall, based on when franchisees reopened their clubs, they have adapted to what makes sense for their market and their club. Our clubs are a community environment and our franchisees are always asking members for feedback. 

What are your franchisees doing for their customers?

They have taken extra measures for cleanliness and disinfecting the clubs. Even though our bags are essentially 6 feet apart, they have taken down every other bag or marked the bags to give their members that additional comfort when working out. Based on the climate today, franchisees have adjusted class schedules to fit their members’ availability. Many parents are working from home and have different schedules, along with their children who are doing online classes. 

How are customers responding to your reopening guidelines?

Members have appreciated the measures that have been taken at the clubs. Franchisees have not only followed local and state guidelines, but have gone above and beyond to work with their members and make them feel comfortable. 

Have your suppliers supported you through the last 6 months? Do you expect any permanent changes in how you do business with them?

Our partners/suppliers have all stepped up and supported our franchisees, doing everything from providing discounts, waiving management fees for marketing, and extending out net terms with no penalties. They continue to work with us and provide the flexibility to help us find additional ways to reduce costs.

How do you see the future of your brand, operations, market, etc. over the next 3 to 6 months or more?

Fitness and taking care of your health is more important than ever. Alleviating all the stress, anxiety, depression, and isolation that has occurred warrants that consumers get exercise and physical activity at their local club, digitally, or both. We are looking for ways to simplify operations and continue to innovate based on the consumer’s needs. We have already begun our strategic planning and know we have to be flexible based on market conditions. Our positioning as a “No Touch Workout” and other strategies and tactics will provide the consumer with options.

Published: October 17th, 2020

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