Franchise Update Magazine Issue IV, 2003: Let's Make A Multi-Deal
Franchise Update Magazine: Let's Make A Multi-Deal

Q4 | 2003

Let's Make A Multi-Deal

All development people dream about that perfect prospect. Someone who is interested in their concept, pre-qualified and brought to them by a highly respected third party, an introduction that carries with it a direct or implied endorsement.
Kay Ainsley
When interacting with Singaporeans, it is vital to know their network of stakeholders. Imagine a chessboard and the strategy involved in maneuvering through multiple players in shifting positions: Which player has the most power? What influence might another have? How might other players perceive my move? Almost like calculating chess players, Singaporeans continually mentally assess the total formula in their surroundings; this assessment drives communication and other required protocol that facilitate their aims and interactions.
Kathleen A. Curran
The draft Franchise Regulations ("Draft Regulations") anticipated to replace the 1997 Measures concerning administrative of commercial franchising (the "1997 version") were expected to be out by end of this year. However, reliable sources at the China Chain Store Franchise Association reveal that the draft is pending further amendment at the Ministry of Commerce. To-date, no one knows when the new law will be promulgated.
Edward Lehman and Janet Yong
Korea's first franchise law, the Fair Franchise Transactions Act (the "FFTA") was adopted May 2002, effective Nov. 2002. Its Presidential Enforcement Decree - setting forth detailed information to be provided in the franchise information disclosure statement and a description of concrete types of unfair transactions broadly prohibited under FFTA - was promulgated Nov. 2002 (last amended June 2003). In the Korean system, Enforcement Decrees provide detailed instructions for statutory compliance; therefore, it is to be expected that 2004's changes to applicable law will be found in future amendments to the Enforcement Decree.
Hyun-Sang Youn & Brendon Carr
Kona Ice
Kona Ice
Kona Ice

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