CMO Roundtable: Getting Results with Evolving Social Media
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CMO Roundtable: Getting Results with Evolving Social Media

CMO Roundtable: Getting Results with Evolving Social Media

"How is social media changing and evolving, and how is your brand adapting and getting results?"

Brooke BudkeBrooke Budke
Chief Marketing Officer
Title Boxing Club

The past year brought numerous new developments and milestones in social media and social networking. From the rise of live streaming on social platforms like Periscope, to instant short-lived videos on Snapchat, to the 1 billion users who use Facebook on a daily basis, brands are being tasked with finding new ways to engage with their customers and fans. Whether your followers deem your content good or bad, they will tell you, and it's how you react that will either win them over or lose them as loyal


As an experience-based brand, Title Boxing Club's social success depends largely on the quality of the relationships we build with our audience, meaning the brand campaigns must live online and also be manifested in physical form in our clubs. We encourage our franchisees to give their local communities a "sneak peek" inside their clubs through engaging posts, photos, and special events. For example, this past November we had a social campaign called "Planksgiving," encouraging followers to give planks and thanks all month, while inside our clubs the trainers guided members through a 30-day plank calendar to strengthen their core. The power of social influence is undeniable, and our brand puts a large emphasis on sharing best practices with our entire system, which helps to ensure that, as a brand, we are giving people a reason to follow and engage with us.

A successful social media strategy combines building brand awareness and bringing the company closer to its core follower base. To evaluate if a strategy is successful you need to analyze the results. We pay close attention to the time of day, type of post, and amount of engagement we receive on our social channels. Often we have content designed to drive conversation, while other posts are meant for brand awareness or showcasing what's happening inside the clubs across the country. Our national and regional PR approach also fuels our social pages with third-party credibility: followers love to see their favorite workout featured in pages of Women's Health or Shape magazine.

It's a fun thing to tap into the power of social influence to bring a brand to life--and yet, a wild adventure for a marketer to keep up with the ever-changing trends and technologies. Overall, as social media and social network platforms continue to evolve and grow, they will undoubtedly become an even more integral part of the online experience and a critical part of business growth.

Lori ShepardLori Shepard
Senior Director, Digital Experience
Waxing the City, Anytime Fitness

With both of our brands, Waxing the City and Anytime Fitness, we develop close relationships with our customers. On our social media platforms, we hope to extend the services and advice that differentiate our brands online. For Waxing the City, we work hard to extend our vision, "To make everyone feel awesome," into the channel in an authentic way. Authentic is key. Whenever we post content, we use the filter of: "Would our technicians really say this? Is this valuable to our clients? Is this our voice?" Our customer interactions on social media are just as important to us as the hello they receive when they walk into our studios. Our mission is not confined to the walls of our studios. It's everywhere we are.

We understand that every time we post on social media we have an opportunity to syndicate our content and increase brand visibility and recognition. Each action we take increases our credibility and expertise. We take this seriously: our social media team is committed to service first and branding second. By operating as a personable, trusted, and empowering resource on social media, we significantly increase our chances of converting customers. To serve as a trusted resource and information destination on the topic of waxing and personal care, we focus heavily on content creation. If what we publish is engaging, then the likelihood of a conversion increases.

To measure our social media performance at Waxing the City, we take the time to align our goals with the proper metrics. For example, if our goal is to increase brand awareness, then reach and engagement are our metrics. If our goal is to increase service bookings, then we measure conversion rates. Taking the time to predetermine goals and metrics allows us to determine social media success. We consistently use our metrics to pivot our approach, and we have been able to test messaging effectiveness on social media to shift some of our farther-reaching, investment-heavy marketing efforts. We get really excited when something resonates with our audience. It's rewarding for our teams to be able to provide information that is valuable to our clients and build connections. We have a "best of" wall in our office (and a "worst of" wall, too).

To maximize our potential and spread the word about Waxing the City, we are constantly evolving in response to the ever-changing digital world. Not only is it an exciting channel, providing new ways to reach our consumers, it's a playground for marketers as a visible and effective way to "peel back the layers" of a brand and explore the nuances of our personality. What we learn here can reach outside the boundaries of digital strategy into the core business strategy of our brands.

Published: April 14th, 2016

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