How to Budget Successfully for Commercial Cleaning
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How to Budget Successfully for Commercial Cleaning

How to Budget Successfully for Commercial Cleaning

A new year often brings a new budget -- and possibly, new requests for you to control spending on services such as commercial cleaning.

Workplace stress and illnesses cost American businesses up to $190 billion annually in healthcare costs, so commercial cleaning is a critical expense. Maintaining a clean environment keeps your staff healthy and productive. In addition to sanitizing high-touch areas to keep your team from sharing germs, a well-trained cleaning staff can create a healthful environment, which can have a positive effect on behavior, promote good habits, and boost employee morale.

If you are seeking ways to reduce spending, it's smart periodically to evaluate whether you are paying for services you may not need and to request quotes from other cleaning companies to see whether your cleaning service costs are in line with others in the market. However, it is also important to keep in mind the value of things like exemplary customer service and attention to detail. Also, make sure your budget reflects one-time or occasional services to prevent a mid-year surprise.

Get a Good Quote

If you request quotes from other companies, be as specific as possible about which services you want, as well as frequency and expectations. Remember that commercial cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all kind of business. Prices vary depending on the size of office or building, the services you need and your location.

When you request a quote, you can expect a representative from the company to walk through your office, taking notes and measurements, including square footage. They should ask about services that you need or want; problem areas or pain points; and how often you want your office cleaned. The quote should be tailored to your office to ensure you are paying only for the services you need.

Ask the Right Questions

Don't be shy about asking exactly what the price includes. Most cleaning quotes include the cost of supplies and equipment -- but what about paper towels, toilet tissue, and liquid soap? Asking will help you to avoid surprises and compare quotes fairly.

Similarly, do not assume which services are included. For instance, most cleaners vacuum regularly. But what about removing an occasional stain from carpet? Or if you have heavy foot traffic and want the carpet cleaned more frequently, find out the cost so you can accurately forecast additional expenses.

You also need to think about services that you may need annually or a few times per year, such as window cleaning or exterior pressure washing. Get a quote on those services, as well, so you can build those costs into your budget.

Finally, there are considerations beyond costs and services that might influence your decision: Is the company bonded and insured in the unlikely event that something gets broken or damaged? For safety's sake, do cleaners wear uniforms so you will be able to recognize them easily? Are they dependable and trustworthy, showing up as scheduled and taking special care of your workspace?

Like any other business expense, proper budgeting is essential for commercial cleaning. If you can anticipate your office's needs and communicate your expectations to your cleaning company, you should be able to minimize budget surprises and cleaning headaches.

 John Selkow is technical operations manager for Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services.

Published: January 1st, 2020

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