Plastic Fantastic: How to Create Key Tags and Loyalty Cards That Get Results
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Plastic Fantastic: How to Create Key Tags and Loyalty Cards That Get Results

Businesses that offer plastic membership cards, loyalty cards, and key tags to their clients and customers are giving their customers a great incentive to keep coming back and take part in their loyalty programs, promotions, and special offers. To make sure that your customers will want to join your program over that of a competitor, you should put effort into designing an eye-catching and effective key tag or membership card that will appeal to and attract more customers. These five easy steps to designing an effective key tag will help you get started.

Step 1: Develop your message

First it is important to develop the message for your key tag. What will it be used for and what is its key purpose? Ask yourself who will be the target audience. Once you decide the purpose of your key tag and who will be using it most you can then pick the perfectly designed custom key tag to bring in your target clients or customers.

Step 2: Gather your artwork

The design for your key tags should attract and catch the attention of customers so they will want one of their own to proudly carry around and show off. Your company logo is how people instantly recognize your brand so it is important that your logo has a prominent place on your key tag. The colors on the key tag should work well with the colors of your logo or should match the colors of your website, advertisements, or any other promotional designs that represent your company. It should look instantly familiar to your customers. Any image you decide to print on your key tag should be a high resolution image for a good, clear picture.

Step 3: Proofing

Make sure your key tags look as flawless and professional as you want your business to appear. Review your key tags for any mistakes and pass around for others to review and give you a second opinion. They may present you with a fresh idea or catch a small error you might have missed.

Step 4: Choose your style

Laminated key tags come in various styles and sizes for you to choose from. Again, think of your customers and what they might like to use since they will be the ones to carry around your key tag. Choose from standard key tags, S-style key tags, oval key tags, short packs, and family packs. Offering customers a short pack or family pack gives them both a membership card and a key card to use and also gives them the opportunity to share a key card with a friend or family member.

Step 5: Print

To ensure that you're giving your customers a high quality, durable key card, you need to choose an experienced key tag and plastic card printer. The right printer will use only the best materials such as laminated teslin for a sturdy key tag that will not break or peel apart with use but will remain flexible.

Once you've followed these five steps you will have a high quality, custom made key card ready to give out to your customers. Your key tag will be a new way to represent your business and all it has to offer. Now you can relax and enjoy seeing the familiar faces of customers who continue to frequent your business because they know they'll be getting the best value and service.

Published: September 11th, 2013

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