Social Media Marketing at the Local Level: Paul Davis Restoration
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Social Media Marketing at the Local Level: Paul Davis Restoration

Social Media Marketing at the Local Level: Paul Davis Restoration

We recently asked a dozen franchises about how they’re using social media at the local store or unit level. This is the first in an occasional series of responses we received. This is from Emily Schafer, Marketing Technology Manager at Paul Davis Restoration.

1) What are you doing with social media at the local store level now, and what are your plans for 2018?

We believe social media is our opportunity to be a resource; to serve people in their time of need. Currently we focus on providing organic content on a weekly basis for our franchisees. Topics include tips around home maintenance, property insurance, and weather-related advisories and preparedness tips. We have a program for our franchisees that allows us to post on their behalf so they have a consistent stream of valuable content for their followers. In addition, we encourage franchisees to share their own posts at the local level, focused on creating engagement with their local community. In 2018 we look to expand our content strategy with even more resources for our followers, and gain increased exposure with paid campaigns.

2) How are you educating your franchisees about the value of social media marketing, and how do you get them to actively participate in it?

We provide online training for our franchisees that outlines our strategy and best practices for social media marketing. Our weekly digital marketing webinars provide quick tips to maximize adoption of ongoing campaigns, and act as an open forum for franchisees to share successes and challenges at the local level. We find the best way to gain adoption is to pilot different tactics and share the results with the rest of the network.

3) How do you train your franchisees to work with these new platforms and channels?

We use a combination of our internal learning management system, live webinars, and field representatives.

4) How do you enforce brand standards at the local level?

Our cloud-based marketing hub, PDConnect, is the central resource for all of our marketing initiatives. Our franchisees integrate their social media profiles to the platform, which allows us to post on their behalf and monitor their content streams to see what they are posting. PDConnect is also where we post all marketing assets. We post a mix of content they can customize and some pieces that are non-editable. It’s a great tool to see what content is resonating most with our followers across all local pages, and where we may need to make some changes in our messaging or address any concerns shared by customers. Our in-house graphic designer is an invaluable resource for our franchisees to create custom pieces unique to their market, while still maintaining brand standards.

5) How you integrate social campaigns into your overall marketing strategy?

Social campaigns are becoming a more important part of our overall marketing strategy. Where we formerly looked to integrate an element of social media into a larger campaign, we are starting to look at social as the center of some campaigns in the future.

Emily Schafer is Marketing Technology Manager at Paul Davis Restoration.

Published: October 9th, 2017

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