Franchise Update Magazine Issue III, 2003: Franchising's Top Cities
Franchise Update Magazine: Franchising's Top Cities

Q3 | 2003

Franchising's Top Cities

When interacting and working with Swedes, it is important to understand the meaning of the word lagom. It does not have an exact equivalent in English but translates approximately to "just right" or "everything in moderation." It implies an ideal place of moderation and balance. You can see its influence in everything from the decision-making process and the need for consensus, to how much food to put on your plate. The lagom "point" varies from individual to individual, but falls somewhere along the middle of a continuum. It can be difficult for non-Swedes to really understand, however a good rule of thumb is to think in terms being moderate, modest, and to tone things down. It is also important to remember that Lagom does not imply lack of ambition or self-confidence. Swedes are very quality conscious and believe in doing their personal best.
Christina Johansson Robinowitz
There is a very positive climate in relation to franchising in New Zealand where over 300 systems exist. Franchising has been growing at about 20% per annum during the past 5 years and although there is no mandatory legislation, there is a Code of Practice which is mandatory for members of the Franchise Association of New Zealand.
Stewart Germann
Executive Care
Executive Care
Executive Care

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