Franchise Marketing Leaders: Christina Bourg
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Franchise Marketing Leaders: Christina Bourg

Franchise Marketing Leaders: Christina Bourg

Christina Bourg
SVP, Rotolo's Pizzeria
32 total units, 29 franchised


Christina Bourg, who joined Rotolo's in 2013, leads all marketing, operations, and training initiatives for the Louisiana-based brand. She also is responsible for franchise development and leads the system-wide rollout of new restaurant openings, marketing campaigns, and limited time offers. Before Rotolo's, she was director of marketing for Citizens Bank & Trust where she coordinated all advertising, marketing, and special events for the bank. She prides herself on consistently achieving collaborative results based on her team focus and people skills.

Describe your role as CMO/marketing leader.
I wear a variety of hats, all of which include areas of brand development. My primary focus has been on revamping the brand as we transition into the Rotolo's Craft & Crust prototype.

What's most challenging about being a CMO/marketing leader today?
In this industry, the landscape is constantly changing. It's vital to stay on top of recent trends and watch as things evolve to stay ahead of the game and remain relevant.

What are the 3 most important keys to be an effective CMO/marketing leader today?
1) Google. It sounds silly, but Google has been a huge resource. It's safe to say we'd be lost without it. 2) Understanding your target market. Without knowing who your core consumer is, it's nearly impossible to effectively grow and evolve as a brand. 3) Stay agile. Stay sharp and knowledgeable. Do your best to stay ahead of the trends. Be willing to explore new ideas and opportunities.

How do you measure your marketing results and effectiveness?
Results are measured in quality and quantity. While positive sales are always a great sign of successful marketing campaigns, increases in customer visits and their favorable sentiment is also a great way to measure effectiveness.

How do you budget for and balance your traditional vs. digital/mobile spend?
As a brand, we've found it more practical to do very little in the way of traditional spends. When we do, it's typically community-focused--local Little League parks, surrounding business publications, etc. Mobile and digital are primarily how we spread the word about Rotolo's. Of course, it's no wonder why. With us as a society becoming more and more technology-based every day, it just makes sense to get the word out on social media and other relevant digital platforms.

How closely do you work with your CEO, CIO, and other departments?
It's vital that C-suite leaders work together, especially at Rotolo's. There are aspects of marketing in every department--menu design, restaurant ambience, uniforms--and marketing is rooted in it all. In recent years, marketing has grown beyond its original boundaries. Now it's the voice of the brand, and that has to be aligned with the CEO's vision.

Why do you think so many CMOs are women?
I can only speak for myself, but I believe we see potential and rely on that to keep us motivated. When I was introduced to the Rotolo's team, there was a great deal of promise in the brand and a spark was lit inside me. I was determined to pull the vision together alongside our founder and CEO, no matter how many hats I had to wear.

What is your favorite accomplishment as a marketing leader?
By far, my greatest accomplishment has been leading the rebrand of Rotolo's into the Craft & Crust prototype. When I joined the team, the brand was stale and stagnant. After 18 months of hard work, we've seen it take off and become what it truly had the potential to be.

How do you see the role of the CMO/marketing leader changing in the next 5 to 10 years?
I think there's a great possibility of the role transitioning into a branding position. Marketing is a wide-ranging discipline, and its role can vary from company to company. When talking about the brand it is more encompassing, and more accurately defines the varying job roles we marketing leaders take on.

What advice would you offer aspiring CMOs/marketing leaders?
Stay ahead of the game. Stay agile, up to date, and knowledgeable about every aspect of your industry. Have a firm grasp on operations, inside and out. Clearly define who you are as a company and what you want the voice to be. Then stick with it.

Published: February 22nd, 2019

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