Majority Of Americans Say Their Company Culture Is ‘Broken'
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Majority Of Americans Say Their Company Culture Is ‘Broken'

Majority Of Americans Say Their Company Culture Is ‘Broken'

Many Americans feel their company culture is not what it should be, according to a new study by Blu Ivy Group. It’s a further indication that Americans’ personal and professional priorities have shifted since the Covid pandemic.

Three-quarters (74%) of employed Americans could cite at least one aspect of their company culture that is “broken.” The top answers cited were: leadership/management (28%), lack of trust between staff and management (23%), lack of work/life balance 23%, and an unsustainable workload (21%).

About a third (35%) of those surveyed believe their workplace/employer is ‘Culture Conning,’ defined as a practice by which companies market themselves as having inclusive, employee-centric workplace cultures to recruit employees, but fail to deliver on that promise. Younger respondents (18-34) are significantly more likely to believe this (41%) than those aged 35-54 (34%) and especially those 55+ (27%). One-in-five (22%) employed Americans, including three-in-ten (31%) under the age of 35, have left a position or a company due to ‘Culture Conning.’

Employees were asked what they value most about a company’s work culture. 31% ranked ‘purpose - feeling like the work I do is making a difference’ among their top three responses. Purpose trumped vacation time (30%), management that’s responsive to the needs of workers (28%), opportunities for professional advancement and growth (22%), and ability to work remotely (19%) as top valued company work culture points. ‘Purpose’ was only topped by benefits (38%) and flexible work hours (33%.)
“As a cornerstone of any employer brand strategy, companies need to take a close look at what their talent will receive in addition to perks and benefits. It’s essential for employers in the post-pandemic workplace to connect the work of talent to both purpose and impact,” said Stacy Parker, managing director and co-founder of the Blu Ivy Group.

Americans surveyed said they could be lured away from their current employer with:

  • More vacation time, 42%
  • Ability to work remotely, 36%
  • Better training and personal development, 33%
  • Ability to work closer to home, 25%
Published: May 18th, 2022

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