Stellar CX Starts with a Digital Content Strategy
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Stellar CX Starts with a Digital Content Strategy

Stellar CX Starts with a Digital Content Strategy

“Your corporate content is your brand’s voice—and what it says can influence whether or not someone gives you their money.”

Once upon a time, businesses only had the front doors of brick-and-mortar locations to welcome customers. Today, they have digital doorsteps, too. Websites, blogs, social media and email marketing are essential parts of customer experience today.

That’s the message of an article by Steve Olenski offered free online by CMSWire, titled “4 Ways To Boost CX with an Outstanding Digital Content Strategy.” Olenski gives franchise owners as well as marketers and entrepreneurs a handy checklist of ways to use digital content to improve customer experience. In the article, he breaks down the ways a savvy digital content strategy can help the CX you deliver move the satisfaction of your customers to new heights.

1. Use digital content strategy to smooth out the entire customer journey

Think of your business’ digital content as a storefront your customers and prospective customers can visit 24/7. Attention to the UX can smooth online connections with customers, making everything from shopping to setting appointments quick, secure, and easy. Digital content strategy can build sales funnels that can triple sales.

Reviews and blog posts on your website that are shared through your company’s social media accounts deepen customers’ connections with your company and your products, enhancing to customer experience from their first click to making purchases or setting an appointment.

2. Use content to answer customer questions before they’re asked

Digital content such as FAQs can give customers the answers they need, improving their experience and reducing the need for employees to answer those frequently asked questions over the phone. That saves your business time and money while improving your company’s website user experience.

3. Use content to build customer rapport and engagement

Email marketing campaigns, another digital content strategy, can alert customers of new products, sales, and your latest blog posts, providing readers with links back to your company’s website. Keeping customers visiting your website regularly will make your search engine rankings rise, which means prospective customers searching online for goods and services could see your company listed first or on the first search page.

Don’t think you’ll be spending so much time writing that you can’t run your business. Platforms such as Mailchimp provide communications templates and AI help in writing emails so you can compose as much or as little as you’d like without a huge time commitment.

4. Use digital content strategy to show alignment with customer values

Digital content creates a voice and personality for your company, a crucial factor as 82% of consumers told Harris pollsters that they prefer to shop with businesses with values that align with their own.

Key takeaways

Companies that excel in CX and UX will be rewarded with a growing customer base thanks to higher conversion rates and loyal customers who stay engaged and interested. These customers will post rave reviews, try new products, and make repeat purchases. Their word-of-mouth advertising about online purchases, informative blogs, or engaging social media posts will keep your company growing.

Even if you’re already focusing on providing the best UX and CX, taking a closer look at fine-tuning your digital content strategy with these tips will boost customer satisfaction and sales.

Steve Olenski (“The CMO Whisperer”) is senior vice president of engagement in the U.S. for System1 and has advised CMOs at many of the world’s leading brands, including Progressive, Walmart and General Motors. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Annie Oeth, a freelance writer and editor with degrees in journalism and project management, covers business and franchising topics including public relations, marketing, technology, and organization. An experienced feature writer and PR specialist, she tells the stories of franchisees and franchising. Share story ideas with her at


Published: September 19th, 2023

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