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Finding the best real estate for your franchise is challenging and competitive, whether building anew or remodelling an existing location. Site selection is complicated and “A” locations are both hard to come by and expensive. Using a real estate broker to help find the optimal sites and negotiate the best contract is common practice. Seek legal advice to ensure you’re receiving the optimum tenant improvements and landlord benefits.



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    Qiigo unifies digital marketing for national brands and their locations, building brand unity and success helping businesses get found locally. Through superior service, strong relationships and a comprehensive technology platform Qiigo delivers...
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    Silvercrest Advertising's innovative Localized Media Automation Platform (LMap) gives your franchisees unparalleled ease, convenience and cost efficiencies in executing strategic, geo-targeted local marketing campaigns.
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    FranConnect is the #1 provider of franchising solutions in the world with over 400 franchise brands as customers. FranConnect's comprehensive suite of integrated modules is the ultimate resource for franchises worldwide.
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    Engaging franchisees in local marketing takes more than just technology. Vya’s platform, people & production simplify local marketing execution end-to-end. Using our platform, franchisees easily order marketing materials & enroll once in multi-tou
  • Clayton Kendall
    Clayton Kendall provides franchise communities nationwide with comprehensive branded merchandise programs leading to greater brand exposure, cost-savings, streamlined operations and brand compliance.
The last time we visited with Eric Werner, he had just signed a deal with the up-and-coming LA Sunset Tan franchise.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 4,137 Reads 151 Shares
Johnny Collins is a man of faith and endurance. He knows what kind of hard work and dedication it takes to run a marathon, serve as a firefighter, and work as a security officer.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,753 Reads 160 Shares
We have made progress digging our way out of the pit of economic meltdown we tumbled into in 2007, but we certainly have a long way to go before we experience the vibrant economy we enjoyed in much of the 1990s and the early to mid-2000s.
  • Dean Zuccarello
  • 3,791 Reads
After earning a degree in computer science from the University of Delaware, Craig Colby set up his own consulting and programming business for the first decade of his career.
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 6,150 Reads 552 Shares
When Chirag Patel left India 15 years ago, he had mixed feelings about leaving his home and his parents.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 3,315 Reads 85 Shares
It's fitting that Johnny Collins runs marathons. The persistence and long-term training needed to finish a 26.1-mile race is mirrored in Collins' long, difficult quest to start his own business.
  • Tracy Staton
  • 3,951 Reads 156 Shares
Robert Branca, Jr., is part of the Dunkin' Donuts family...seriously. Branca and his family own 60 Dunkin' Donuts in New England.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,543 Reads 53 Shares
In business, a lot changes in three years, especially in a down economy. And while his business has taken a turn for the worse, Tom Barnett's values and commitments remain strong as ever.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 4,982 Reads 485 Shares
Tommy Haddock has added 10 Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits restaurants since we profiled him six years ago.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 5,193 Reads 481 Shares
After 10 years at Union Carbide, Ottawa-born chemical engineer Roger Mongeon wanted to spend less time traveling and more time with his family.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 3,609 Reads 277 Shares
Each month, Niche Media highlights a standout niche magazine. February's pick is Multi-Unit Franchisee magazine because it is the only magazine dedicated exclusively to serving the hottest and fastest-growing niche in franchising: multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees.
  • 3,507 Reads
Open a LaRosa Grill Franchise
La Rosa started as a single restaurant in 1994 that has grown today, into a food chain for the most discriminating of taste, authenticity & value.
Zane Tankel is not waiting on any government job programs to help his business.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,068 Reads 197 Shares
Ray Harrigill believes in diversification. His Sunray Companies has restaurants (Bumpers Drive-In), tanning salons (Palm Beach Tan), fitness centers (Koko FitClub), and hotel properties (Hampton Inn), to name a few.
  • Tracy Staton
  • 3,804 Reads 83 Shares
Business owners across the country have been dealing with one of the longest and most difficult recessions in US history.
  • 3,562 Reads 36 Shares
Robert Branca, Jr., and his family of Dunkin' Donuts multi-unit franchisees offer the kind of advertisement for franchise success that money can't buy.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 16,077 Reads 128 Shares
When Sunita Sagar was a teenager working as a part-time cashier at a Jack in the Box in California, she dreamed of the day she would become a doctor.
  • John Carroll
  • 3,982 Reads 82 Shares
Given that 400- to 500-point swings in the Dow have nearly become the norm rather than the exception, this is ringing even truer today than it did a quarter or two ago.
  • Carol Clark
  • 2,588 Reads 7 Shares
Lenders establish frameworks for various types of lending: housing, personal, small business, and more.
  • Darrell Johnson
  • 3,267 Reads 40 Shares
Robert Branca, Jr., and his family of Dunkin' Donuts multi-unit franchisees offer the kind of advertisement for franchise success that money can't buy.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 8,266 Reads 147 Shares
There's no arguing that banks, potential investors, and creditors look heavily to a company's financial statements to determine its value.
  • Mike Handelsman
  • 4,300 Reads 22 Shares
Access to capital has been a bane to franchise growth for nearly three years. Much of the blame has been placed on lenders, who have been notoriously gun-shy since the September 2008 financial debacle.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 3,747 Reads 57 Shares
Open a Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Franchise
Checkers Drive-In restaurant franchises are small but efficient making our restaurants easy to operate and typically reduced overhead costs.
For years, Jeff Orlando has read with fascination the articles in franchise and business magazines about super-successful entrepreneurs. "It's amazing to read about these guys who have 87 Burger Kings and 92 Wendy's units and these unbelievable homes and lifestyles," says the Killeen, Tex., resident. However, he adds, it's also nice to read about "regular guys like me," who choose to define their success in a different way.
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 4,256 Reads
Andy Lanz got started in franchising right out of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. With the help of his parents, the newly minted economics graduate purchased a Cousins Subs franchise in nearby Verona. Then he added a Figaro's Italian Pizza franchise as well as a Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream operation, and put them all together inside his first 2,500-square-foot store.
  • John Carroll
  • 4,625 Reads 100 Shares
One of my greatest concerns is agents who are supposedly working for the tenant while accepting a commission from the landlord. I have hesitated writing this article for months lest it be considered an attack on real estate salespeople or agents. Nothing could be further from the truth. If it weren't for real estate agents and brokers, landlords would have half-empty buildings. My purpose here is to enlighten franchise tenants, open some eyes, and let you decide for yourself about this important issue.
  • Dale Willerton
  • 4,032 Reads 89 Shares
Glenn Miller's first look at the franchising business came in the early 1990s, when the British Chartered Accountant's brother, an attorney, wound up with six Arby's in Central Illinois. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see some of the problems that needed fixing.
  • John Carroll
  • 4,249 Reads 133 Shares
While franchisors typically supply name brand recognition, a proven business concept, and extensive franchisee training and ongoing support, most will not sufficiently help you with your site selection or commercial lease. Deciphering the lease agreement document (often 50 to 60 pages in length) and negotiating the best deal is often left up to you. And negotiating this against an experienced landlord or the landlord's broker can be a challenge. Knowledgeable real estate agents and brokers are specialized sales people.
  • Dale Willerton
  • 8,124 Reads 622 Shares
Subodh Patel got his start in franchising during the great Texas downturn of the 1980s. By the late 1980s, the savings-and-loan debacle had spawned the federal Resolution Trust Corporation, which in turn became an overnight bazaar for cut-rate, distressed properties that had to be sold fast.
  • John Carroll
  • 8,501 Reads 648 Shares
There's nothing more American than fast food restaurants - and some of them even serve apple pie! Fast food franchises have been meeting the growing needs of the country's on-the-go car culture and diverse life styles, complete with late-night hours and 24-hour service. For decades, hamburgers, tacos, chicken, pizza, and subs were the mainstay of the fast food sector. In recent years, as customers began seeking healthier options, these standbys have been joined by wraps, smoothies, salads, frozen yogurt, and more. In 2010, one franchisor began offering vending machines containing fresh fruits and vegetables, protein drinks, and other health-oriented snacks.
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 4,408 Reads 157 Shares
The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and its international affiliate, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), are currently reviewing proposed new lease accounting rules that, if approved, will significantly affect the retail and restaurant industries.
  • Dwayne Shackelford
  • 9,617 Reads 1,151 Shares
Tom Kazbour doesn't believe the secret to success lies in studying the ABCs of business. He believes new franchisees can whiz on past most of the alphabet and focus on the letter "V."
  • Debbie Selinsky
  • 9,515 Reads 563 Shares
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