6 Simple, Effective Ways To Manage Franchise Recruitment Now
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6 Simple, Effective Ways To Manage Franchise Recruitment Now

6 Simple, Effective Ways To Manage Franchise Recruitment Now

In the U.S. it started the week of March 9th. By Friday, the 13th, the landscape had completely changed for all of us. Now, all these many weeks later, there is still a lot of uncertainty. However, we now know more about the impact over the past 30 days, which should provide more clarity on decisions moving forward into the next 30. Therefore, when it comes to your franchise recruitment, we are preaching: Make time to reevaluate and assess franchise recruitment every 30 days.

Here is the simple 6-step approach we use:

1) 13-week recruitment cash flow forecast

Revisit and adjust expenses and revenues based on what you know now. You might be surprised at what you see. Note: If you don’t have a template let me know. We’ll share ours.

2) Recruitment org chart

Regardless of the size of your recruitment team, all the various roles must be addressed. Some of you have reduced head count, but the roles still must be filled, even if you have a one- or two-person team. We teach that there are five essential roles within recruitment: executive sponsor, manager, coordinator, recruiter, and appointment setter. 

3) Messaging, positioning, and lead generation

Based on what you know today, is your brand’s messaging and positioning right? I’m talking about your website, email drip campaigns, marketing materials, brand presentations, etc. It must speak to what’s relevant today in a prospect or candidate’s mind. Are you using the right channels for lead generation? If you haven’t touched this area yet, get on it -- now!

4) Talk tracks

Appointment setters and recruiters need up-to-date and relevant talk tracks on key topics that prospects and candidates will surely be asking about. If they’re stumbling, talking around a question, or trying to “spin” something, that’s bad. They need to be prepared, aligned with the company’s position and thoughts, and confident. This is no time to be “winging it” or shooting from the hip. Get the team aligned.

5) Identify, discuss, and solve for the next 30 days

This is the action plan of what needs to happen. This is not six- or 12-month planning. It’s an intense focus on what to do right now or in the next few days that will make a difference over the coming weeks.

6) Repeat in 30 days!

In 30 days, things will certainly be different.

Let’s go to work! 


Art Coley leads CGI Franchise, which helps franchise companies with recruitment systems and process. He is writing a special column for Franchise Update focused on franchisee recruitment during tough times, which will be published in this newsletter. Contact him at 281-658-9409 or acoley@cgifranchise.com.

Published: April 29th, 2020

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