Combating Decision Fatigue & 7 Leadership Traits for the Post-Covid Workplace
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Combating Decision Fatigue & 7 Leadership Traits for the Post-Covid Workplace

Combating Decision Fatigue & 7 Leadership Traits for the Post-Covid Workplace

Franchise leadership during Covid-19 – whether in the C-Suite at the home office or at the local store level – has become significantly more complex since the virus showed its spiky face to the business world 6 months ago. We offer brief summaries of two articles, one from a corporate trainer the other from an executive coach, that might be helpful in these complicated times. The fully fleshed-out articles are available on the website, where they originally appeared.

7 Leadership Traits for the Post–Covid-19 Workplace

Dana Brownlee is a corporate trainer, author, keynote speaker, and founder of Professionalism Matters. Based on her experience working with corporate leaders and other employees, she offers these 7 tips for leading your company and your employees successfully to a post-pandemic world:

  •      Candor
  •      Consistent reliable fact-based communications
  •      Empathy
  •      Managing hybrid teams
  •      Flexibility and adaptability
  •      Humility
  •      Active listening

Admittedly, she writes, these aren’t the only traits that matter for leaders during this pandemic, but in her opinion, these are the 7 critical ones. “Many of these traits are traditionally viewed as tertiary, nice-to-have qualities, but in this unprecedented time, they will become absolutely necessary for leaders to lead organizations through a time of inconvenient uncertainty and collective trauma. Indeed, this type of leadership won’t just be required at the top of the organization chart, but at every level of human interaction.

For a deeper look into each of the tips, find the full article on

3 Strategies for Combating Decision Fatigue

In this article, executive coach Regan Walsh raises the growing problem of decision fatigue, along with 3 tips on how to prevent (or at least minimize) it. We’ve provided brief excerpts. Again, find the full article on

“After an intense period of decision-making, have you ever found yourself tired and frustrated, with the quality of those decisions suffering? This current time is ripe for it. It’s called decision fatigue, and it can wreak havoc in myriad ways,” she writes. “I’ve seen this manifest for clients in almost every area of their lives. Work, family, personal growth – nothing is immune. They begin settling for ‘good enough’ choices because they’re too tired to fight for the best. They sacrifice healthy habits, like exercise, meditation, or eating. Or they simply throw their hands in the air, refusing to make any decision at all.”

Can you relate, even just a little bit?

Walsh offers three strategies that she says have helped her – and her clients – during this time.

1. Shed the “shoulds” through simplification. Too often, she says, we over-commit and consequently underperform, watering down our yeses by doling out too many. “What kind of signal does it send to ourselves and others when we’re so clearly unwilling to say no?”

2. Identify and pursue intrinsic motivators. Many things motivate us in life, she says, but choosing which ones is critical, especially now. “Financial security, praise, and popularity come to mind, as do curiosity, passion, and love. The latter are where to focus if you’re experiencing decision fatigue. Those qualify as intrinsic motivators; they are genuine and deep-rooted, and they offer contentment and joy. Extrinsic motivators, like money and approval, stand in stark contrast because they come from outside sources and tend to bring only short-term gratification.”

3. Find time for you. During the current pandemic, with 6 months under our collective belt and no end in sight, decision fatigue can be unavoidable. “I encourage you to identify very specific ways to rejuvenate yourself and then mark time on your calendar to actually do them…. Whatever it might look like for you,” she says, “make sure your brain gets a much-needed recess so your decision-making doesn’t suffer down the road.”

Published: September 7th, 2020

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