Now Hiring!: Recruiting and Retaining the best Millennials
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Now Hiring!: Recruiting and Retaining the best Millennials

Now Hiring!: Recruiting and Retaining the best Millennials

So, you're hiring again. You have positions open and want to make sure the employees you bring in will meet your goals--or exceed them. No matter what position you're trying to fill, your hiring pool probably consists of those aged 18 to 34, otherwise known as Millennials. As the Millennial group matures, we have seen that they have a unique outlook on work and corporate life, but can be great employees when properly motivated and understood, based on a few key insights.

1) Transparency

The job market has not exactly been great for Millennials as they graduated college and joined the workforce. This has had a few different effects on their perspective on jobs and careers. One is that they have become less trustful of corporations, meaning they're less likely to take things at face value. They expect transparency and are likely to reject someone they feel is guarded or protective of critical information.

To win over Millennial candidates, provide them with access to the information they're seeking. Traditionally, brands looking to hire have had a simple employment page on their website with a link to an application. Instead, build out a featured employment section and give them the information they commonly ask about. If it's more-sensitive information, ask for an email address and provide them with access through a link in a confirmation message.

Millennials have grown up during a recessionary period, but they've also grown up in the digital age. They will research your company and employment one way or another. Offer the information on your terms. Consider linking to employment review sites such as Glassdoor.

Just as with customer communications, you'll never control all the conversations happening about your company across the web. Don't try to. Instead, displaying them with pride and making an effort to mediate any issues you find will demonstrate the transparency valued by this generation.

2) Entrepreneurial ways

Another effect of the difficult job market Millennials faced during the Great Recession is that they have developed some of the skills of an entrepreneur. They've sought out ways to make income beyond the traditional job or career track. They may be more willing to take on unconventional roles or combine tasks that have been separate in the past.

3) How to communicate with Millennials

  • Freedom: There are two ways to speak to this insight as you recruit Millennial candidates. First, communicate how much freedom you're willing to give them to chart their own success. They were limited during the slowest growth periods of the recession. Find examples inside the company of people who have been successful going above and beyond their core responsibilities and. Consider incentives for achievements met outside base-level expectations. Do what you can to make each employee responsible for running what you position as an "independent business" within your business.
  • Flexibility: Second, give them the flexibility to add or subtract some responsibilities within their job description that tilt toward their individual skills and interests. To uncover these skills and interests, during the interview process ask them what other jobs they may have applied for, and why. By giving them a voice in the job description at the outset (provided it meets the needs of your company) you're communicating to them that you value their contribution, are willing to invest in their career growth, and are not a rigid organization.

Writing these things is simple. Of course, for all positions within all companies, executing them may not be. Find ways your company or your team can become more desirable for Millennials. Ask your best Millennial employees what they like and don't like about working with you. Doing so won't just help you recruit better employees, it also will help you retain the best ones you have.

Adam Pierno, director of brand strategy and planning at Santy, unearths Millennial insights at the convergence of media, technology, and the marketplace. These insights lead to positive and revenue-enhancing change for clients. Contact him or 480-710-4243.

Published: August 24th, 2015

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