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First impressions count, so launching your new location or business with an effective grand opening sets up your business for long-term revenue potential, loyal customers, and word-of-mouth marketing. Learn about successful grand openings and follow-up from top-tier multi-unit franchisees and franchisors.


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Buddy's Home Furnishings
Buddy's Home Furnishings
Buddy's Home Furnishings
Top franchise marketing executives from 54 franchise organizations responded to a recent survey conducted by Franchise Update Media Group about marketing strategy, execution, and outlook for their franchise organizations.
  • Franchise Update
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Looking to open a new franchise location? You might want to consider using Facebook. That's what multi-unit franchisees like Adam Saxton are doing - and they're getting results. When the Saxton Pierce Restaurant Corp. was looking to open a new McAlister's Deli location in Texas last spring, the company called on Facebook.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
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By now you're most likely familiar with pop culture buzzwords like tweets, friending, and texting. But if you haven't had much firsthand involvement in these activities, chances are you will very soon. These ubiquitous and participatory endeavors are all part of a "social networking" trend that's spreading like wildfire online and, some say, is poised to create a new frontier in 21st century marketing.
  • Kerry Pipes
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Tasti D-Lite's coming to Arizona...and Facebook is helping spread the news. Jonathan Kaufman is the area developer and multi-unit franchisee for the state, where he's scheduled to open more than 40 Tasti D-Lite units. But it's his first store opening that has kept him busy this fall and Facebook has been one of his strategic marketing tools.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
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It's time to open your first franchise store. It's an exciting event but one that can also be filled with anxiety. But you can alleviate much of that anxiety with some proper planning and by relying on advice and support from the franchisor.
  • Kerry Pipes
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Franchise training. It's likely one of the fundamental reasons you've selected a franchise business opportunity. It's all there - product and service information, operations details, marketing, accounting procedures - everything you need to know to operate a business is typically covered in some degree of detail by the franchisor. That's because the franchisor knows how the system works, they've refined it and they can offer that valuable knowledge to you as a new operator.
  • Kerry Pipes
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After my workshop on loss prevention and security at Franchise Update's Multiunit Franchising conference this past April in Scottsdale, attendees made their desire clear for more information on the topic--and for specific tactics they could employ to improve profitability. After all, every dollar not lost to employee or customer theft (or some other form of controllable loss), falls directly to the bottom line.
  • Rollie Trayte and Gary Widman
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William Monk, Burzynski's ideal AD, was born in Farmville, N.C. He grew up around the family tobacco business his grandfather had started in the 1900s, and went to college to prepare to be part of it. He earned a degree in economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and later got his MBA down the road at Duke University in Durham.
  • Ripley Hotch and Debbie Selinsky
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When she was just 16, Mandy Bryant (now Mandy Bryant Verges) got a job at a Gold's Gym in her home city of New Orleans. She worked a couple of years in sales and did well. In April 1995, owner Steve Smith opened a tanning salon called Electric Beach in the city's Uptown district. When Smith bought out his business partner, he needed a manager for the salon. Bryant asked, he said yes, and transferred the 18-year-old to the salon as its new manager.
  • Eddy Goldberg and Kerry Pipes
  • 2,706 Reads 40 Shares
Many area developers are under tight time pressure to open new units. Often, area developers will agree to growth provisions in their franchise agreements that can be unrealistic to all but the most sophisticated operators. Franchisors will, of course, prefer to grant territorial rights to those who promise rapid growth. Once you have been awarded those rights, you may have the best intentions and plans to meet your growth requirements, but you may discover early on that it takes much longer than expected to open each store. The realization sets in early with most that they stand to breach their franchise agreement’s growth requirements and find themselves struggling to catch up. Like a swimmer who panics, a lot of splashing occurs but little in the way of real movement happens.
  • Jeremy Behar
  • 1,992 Reads
When Rocco Fiorentino was 30 and a mechanical contractor in Philadelphia, an accident opened an opportunity that changed his career path. He was remodeling a bagel shop owned by a neighbor when his client had a heart attack. Fiorentino ended up with the shop.
  • Kerry Pipes
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Hot Dish Advertising
Hot Dish Advertising
Hot Dish Advertising
Historically, a business plan is mostly a financial plan and analysis, specifically focusing on: "Why I need your money, what I will do with your money, how and when you will get your money back, and what a great guy I am and what a great business this is; or, why you should give me the money." It is usually a highly stylized presentation with numerous spreadsheets and exhibits.
  • William Ginalski
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