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Browse our selection of franchise articles and features to help further your knowledge in opening and operating a franchise business. Our exclusive features cover the , , , , , , and site of the franchise business. Written by the editorial team that produces Franchise Update Magazine and Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine, the franchise industries premier magazines.

Social media advertising for service brands is different. Here are 3 types of ads that work.
  • Jack Monson
  • 1,962 Reads 28 Shares
The story behind the story of the largest franchisee deal in history: Flynn Restaurant Group’s $553 million acquisition of NPC International’s restaurants
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,719 Reads 4 Shares
As Covid shuttered businesses in many industries, more franchisees are exploring the service sector, especially non-brick-and-mortar brands
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,772 Reads 4 Shares
59% of consumers are expecting a return to normalcy for celebrating, shopping, and spending by the 4th of July.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,133 Reads 1 Shares
New report finds nearly half of small business operators say they have job openings they can’t fill.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,336 Reads 5 Shares
Brands that consistently deliver superior customer experiences and a high level of employee engagement will reap the rewards of pent-up consumer demand.
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,731 Reads 10 Shares
A new agreement will see multi-brand operator Chaac Foods Restaurants open 40 new Bojangles locations and acquire another 40 of the brand’s locations in the Southeast.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,804 Reads 5 Shares
Three multi-unit franchisees, with a total of 10 different food brands between them, tell how Covid has changed their business and how they’ve responded
  • Franchise Update Media
  • 1,297 Reads 4 Shares
Longtime Edible multi-unit operator in California opens unique ghost kitchen location to enhance area delivery and shipping support.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,496 Reads 28 Shares
Yum! Brands taking on climate change with new plan to reduce its greenhouse emissions by nearly half by the year 2030.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,549 Reads 6 Shares
In this first special 2-part series, a veteran franchise attorney looks at franchisee complaints that FDDs are too complicated to be understandable. In Part 2 she will offer 10 tips on how to read an FDD critically.
  • Rochelle Spandorf
  • 2,425 Reads 16 Shares
Angry Crab Shack
Angry Crab Shack
Angry Crab Shack
How do you stack up among the 6 crucial categories of customer experience?
  • John DiJulius
  • 1,817 Reads 17 Shares
Now is the time to decide if dealing with the family “petty crap” is worth pursuing a succession plan for your business.
  • Loyd Rawls
  • 1,583 Reads 10 Shares
Largest Pearle Vision franchisee signs new development agreement for another 5 locations in two markets.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 2,226 Reads 4 Shares
Multi-unit Pizza Hut group signs 28-unit development agreement to brings Dave’s Hot Chicken to Indiana and Ohio markets.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,671 Reads 8 Shares
Empower your employees to make decisions without a supervisor. Let them know they can do what they believe is the right thing for the customer.
  • John Tschohl
  • 1,529 Reads 9 Shares
As ghost kitchens proliferate, restaurants are increasingly turning to non-brick-and-mortar operations
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 2,968 Reads 32 Shares
Franchise Update Media’s 2021 Franchise Innovation Awards to celebrate franchising’s most innovative companies, game changers, and creative disruptors.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,709 Reads 3 Shares
Mike Davis’ 1-800-JunkPro is gaining its share of a $50 billion industry
  • Kerry Pipes
  • 1,330 Reads 4 Shares
As Covid crippled businesses in many industries, franchisees are looking more seriously at non-brick-and-mortar service brands
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 2,211 Reads 17 Shares
70-unit multi-brand operator opens its newest restaurant in Georgia.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,158 Reads 1 Shares
Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii
Hardee’s multi-unit operator diversifies portfolio by signing on to develop 16 Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations in the Southeast.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 3,595 Reads 11 Shares
Author debunks three lies about hard work and shares a better way to meet your career goals and have time left over to enjoy life.
  • Steve Cook
  • 1,746 Reads 11 Shares
Build your bench strength by inspiring and educating your employees, and providing them autonomy and feedback.
  • Dan Iosue
  • 1,307 Reads 1 Shares
26-year-old operator signs agreement to bring 10 Blaze Pizza locations to Texas market.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 2,100 Reads 9 Shares
Learn the top 3 selling and customer service skills for growing a service brand business
  • Jayson Pearl
  • 2,489 Reads 37 Shares
Study finds small business job openings hit record high in March.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 1,799 Reads 1 Shares
PuroClean 5-unit franchisee explains why he chose a service brand to invest in
  • Keegan Trudgen
  • 2,386 Reads 29 Shares
Can non-brick-and-mortar service brands be your “vaccine” against another hit to your bottom line in 2021?
  • Eddy Goldberg
  • 1,877 Reads 15 Shares
Multi-unit operator Amazing Brandz signs a development agreement to open three Another Broken Egg Cafe locations in Florida.
  • Multi-Unit Franchisee
  • 2,526 Reads 7 Shares
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