FRANCHISE Update Magazine Issue III, 2011: Getting to Buy In
FRANCHISE Update Magazine: Getting to Buy In

Q3 | 2011

Getting to Buy In

A report produced for the IFA at the beginning of this year, the Franchise Lending Matrix, forecasted approximately 15,200 new units would be added in 2011. We're at the halfway point of 2011. It's a good time to check the progress.
Darrell Johnson
In this issue's glimpse into a franchise start-up, I'll share the challenges and the victories I've encountered in attempting to differentiate our emerging EarthFruits Yogurt brand within its red-hot category and the resultant commoditization occurring within the space.
Keith Gerson
What are you doing to create a compelling, response-driven recruitment website for your brand? Things are moving fast in new technologies and the ways people are using them to communicate.
Franchise Update
What are some effective ways to get franchisees to 'buy in' and become actively involved with local-level marketing efforts?
Franchise Update
Susan Boresow has experience getting franchisees on board. As chief marketing officer for Massage Envy, she understands that engaging and supporting franchisees is imperative to getting them to buy in and play an active role in the brand's overall marketing efforts.
Franchise Update
Lenny's Sub Shop President Brent Alvord lends new meaning to the term, well-rounded: an MBA in finance from the University of Memphis, 15 years as an executive with organizations such as Burger King, FedEx, and America Online, and a hands-on understanding of the restaurant industry he acquired as a youth working at Subway, Ruby Tuesday's, and Chili's.
Debbie Selinsky
Minuteman Press
The customer journey is made up of the experiences that come from all interactions with your brand. Some customer experiences are created directly by marketing and some by operations.
Jack Mackey
Unit-level economics. This single key is the greatest predictor of a franchisor's future success!
Joe Mathews
In a ground-breaking event this past June, the first Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference attracted marketing executives from 57 franchise brands with more than $11 billion in annual system-wide sales--all seeking better ways to connect with customers in today's digital marketing environment.
Kerry Pipes and Eddy Goldberg
Technology has allowed us to track our lead sources, assist us in buying advertising, organize our day, notify us when to make a call, and send emails.
Marc Kiekenapp
The 2011 Annual Franchise Development Report (AFDR) is a comprehensive research guide to sales and lead generation performance in franchise recruitment.
Franchise Update
It's a smooth ride when you have the right franchisees in your system. But what do you do with those frustrated franchisees that "aren't making it happen?"
Steve Olson
Each day you are flooded with articles about using social media and mobile technology, and how important it is for your company to keep up.
Tom Epstein
The Human Bean
The Human Bean
The Human Bean

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