Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue IV, 2011: Dominant, Dazzling, and Delightful
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: Dominant, Dazzling, and Delightful

Q4 | 2011

Dominant, Dazzling, and Delightful

Interest rates right now are low—very low. They've been low for a while. And they're expected to remain low for the foreseeable future
Dean Zuccarello
You may not know it yet, but you are at war. An unprecedented battle rages over what you are entrusted to protect: your customer's credit card data.
David Ellis
Robert Branca, Jr., and his family of Dunkin' Donuts multi-unit franchisees offer the kind of advertisement for franchise success that money can't buy.
Debbie Selinsky
It happens every year, usually in February or March. Business owners across the country meet with their accountants to review the previous year.
Steve LeFever
Lenders establish frameworks for various types of lending: housing, personal, small business, and more.
Darrell Johnson
In 1969, when high school senior Rodger Head took a job at a Burger King, he had no idea he was entering the business he would stick with for his entire career.
Debbie Selinsky
Golden Corral Buffet and Grill
What changed last month in sales, costs, market share, and customer satisfaction? Data answers those questions for you.
Jack Mackey
Given that 400- to 500-point swings in the Dow have nearly become the norm rather than the exception, this is ringing even truer today than it did a quarter or two ago.
Carol Clark
Those sanitarily questionable movable feasts that have rolled through America's cities for decades are being replaced.
Kerry Pipes
When Sunita Sagar was a teenager working as a part-time cashier at a Jack in the Box in California, she dreamed of the day she would become a doctor.
John Carroll
When Greg Thomas decides whether to fix or ditch a financially troubled store, he typically thinks big
Helen Bond
The best part of my job is being invited to speak to associations and corporations all over the world about the best ways to find, hire, and retain great hourly employees and their managers.
Mel Kleiman
Tom DiMarco knows his numbers--and they're getting bigger every year.
John Carroll

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