Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine Issue II, 2021: Deal of the Decade
Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: Deal of the Decade

Q2 | 2021

Deal of the Decade

Perspire Sauna Studio™
Perspire Sauna Studio™
Perspire Sauna Studio™
After taking a body blow to his Aaron’s business in 2015, Spencer Smith has diversified and is on the growth track once again
Kerry Pipes
With her 10 Sola Salon Studios shuttered last year, Heather Safrit weathered the storm and will add 2 more in 2021
Kerry Pipes
Eric Werner, with dozens of Subways in Texas, continues to diversify into new brands and giving employees an ownership stake
Kerry Pipes
Michael Vinckier grew up loving his small town’s A&W restaurant. Now 27, he’s about to open his third.
Kerry Pipes
The 2021 Multi-Brand 50 ranking highlights the largest franchisees in the U.S. and their 25 favorite brands.
Multi-Unit Franchisee
Q&A with Greg Flynn following his acquisition of NPC International’s Wendy’s and Pizza Huts in the largest franchisee deal ever
Eddy Goldberg
ZIPS Cleaners
Dean Zuccarello, CEO of The Cypress Group, played an instrumental role in making the largest franchisee in history deal come together
Eddy Goldberg
5 ways to diversify in an uncertain economy by adding new, complementary brands
Helen Bond
7 multi-unit operators share their experiences on raising capital during the pandemic
Sara Wykes
In this first special 2-part series, a veteran franchise attorney looks at franchisee complaints that FDDs are too complicated to be understandable. In Part 2 she will offer 10 tips on how to read an FDD critically.
Rochelle Spandorf
When is the best time to invest in your customer experience? 18 months ago! When is the second-best time? NOW! Now is the time to make your organization’s customer experience your single biggest competitive advantage.
John DiJulius
Tips for hiring the best hourly employees in a post-Covid economic recovery
Kristina Gansser
Made a net profit but have no cash? It’s time to create a statement of cash flow
Barbara Nuss
Building sustainable long-term financial and investment habits for 2021
Carol M. Schleif
Selling your business? To get top dollar, avoid these 8 common mistakes!
Terry Monroe
JJ Ramsey grew up working in the family’s Schlotzsky’s franchise business. Today he has 18 Schlotzsky’s of his own.
Kerry Pipes
To make a deal today, sellers must factor in Covid’s effects on their segment and their brand, as well as unit performance
Carty Davis
Multi-unit operators have a distinct advantage to capitalize on the coming post-Covid recovery – if they recognize the changes already under way
Darrell Johnson
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants
Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

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