FRANCHISE Update Magazine Issue III, 2005: The Leader Board
FRANCHISE Update Magazine: The Leader Board

Q3 | 2005

The Leader Board

The Joint Corp.
The Joint Corp.
The Joint Corp.
This fall, Franchise UPDATE conducted its eighth annual lead generation and sales survey. Once again, the Internet received the lion's share of budgets and generated the most leads. We are noting the continuing strong trend toward broker networks-almost everyone is making some use of these networks.
For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 10 years, I have a newsflash: Since 1995, The Federal Trade Commission has been involved in a rule- making process to amend the FTC Rule (the "Rule") to change certain disclosure requirements and to recognize certain changes to the franchise business sales model and use of technology in the franchise sales process. What we know is the likely substance of the changes; what we don't know is when they'll be implemented.
Lane Fisher
Franchise organizations cite these conventions as a vitally important part of their success. Traditionally, the meetings have provided an opportunity to bring franchisees together regularly to share system information and offer training. But these "family" get-togethers are continuing to evolve as franchisors look for new and refreshing ways to attract, motivate, and energize their franchise operators and send them back to their stores full of information and inspiration.
Kerry Pipes
Building a franchising empire in the restaurant industry takes a good deal of planning, commitment, and expertise. Fortunately for the industry there still are leaders out there who can bring all those qualities to the table.
Joan Szabo
Lending experts say if you haven't provided financing information on non-bank lenders to prospective franchisees, you may be missing an important opportunity. There are a number of advantages to using non-bank lenders for franchise development, and franchisees who need financing help will appreciate the information you provide.
Joan Szabo
In 1996, a young London inventor asked British franchise veteran Victor Clewes whether he should franchise or sell the innovative machine he'd created for filtering used cooking oil. Clewes had never set foot in a commercial kitchen, but it didn't take him long to see that Jason Sayers was sitting on a franchising goldmine.
Deb Selinsky
Eggs Up Grill
Cost savings are integral to the success of any franchisor, and effective purchasing of equipment is a simple way to bolster profits and improve efficiency and quality.
Mark Krebs
In 1991, Jeff Johnson wife Carol were successful multi-unit franchisees for Schlotzky's deli. They had three units of their own in Lincoln, Neb., and area developer rights for a five-state region in the upper Midwest.
Ripley Hotch
For Don Cape, franchising came as an afterthought-and a good one. Cape, 34, who grew up in a family that developed land in Montana, focused his education and early career almost exclusively in real estate, finance, and development.
Eddy Goldberg
Time for my annual "just got back from the IFA Convention" column. I saw lots of my lawyer friends while there-also met a lot of suppliers, franchise consultants, academicians, journalists, and franchisees. Occasionally, I even came a cross a franchisor. Didn't see too many psychologists, however. Why not?
Lawrence Bivins
I must be becoming a curmudgeon. In recent Viewpoint columns, I have taken potshots at the FTC and my fellow franchise lawyers. So far, the state franchise regulators have for some reason been below my radar screen. Why?
Rupert M. Barkoff
Ziggi's Coffee
Ziggi's Coffee
Ziggi's Coffee

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