As Home Services Franchises Grow in Popularity, Surveillance Secure Capitalizes on the Commercial Security Market
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As Home Services Franchises Grow in Popularity, Surveillance Secure Capitalizes on the Commercial Security Market

As Home Services Franchises Grow in Popularity, Surveillance Secure Capitalizes on the Commercial Security Market

Franchise industry news has been dominated by franchises that are thriving throughout Covid, deeming them “recession resistant.” A particularly hot franchise category falling within this designation has been home improvement and services. It’s a nearly $300B industry and has not seen the slowdown that many other businesses have seen, so it makes sense potential franchisees would be jumping all over it. 

Why, then, does Surveillance Secure, an electronic security integration franchise, focus solely on commercial opportunities? For one, it’s working. Focusing solely on commercial, Surveillance Secure has boasted an average of more than 20% year-over-year growth since 2016 (as disclosed in Item 19 of the current FDD) and in 2019 achieved more than $2.2M in gross sales at its company-owned operation (as disclosed in Item 19 of the current FDD). Like the home services franchises mentioned above, Surveillance Secure has also not been slowed down by Covid-19 due to its ‘essential’ nature, and in fact they have experienced significant new demand for business security services to address safety and health concerns directly related to Covid. 

But beyond the outstanding growth trajectory, we’ll outline a few reasons below why anyone considering a home services franchise should take a hard look at going the commercial route:

  • Commercial opportunities offer recurring revenue. When you install surveillance cameras and access control systems commercially at places like hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses, and schools, those clients need to make sure everything is working at all times, and they’re willing to pay for it. Additionally, the growing trend in the industry is for more business security systems to be cloud based, so video and data storage is online, adding significant more recurring revenue opportunities. Surveillance Secure offers service plans that deliver consistent recurring revenue for franchisees.
  • Commercial projects yield exponentially better revenue opportunities. One commercial project could be the equivalent of a dozen or more residential opportunities. If you’re looking for efficiency, targeting commercial checks that box. 
  • Residential security is hyper-competitive. Commercial security is fragmented. Most of us can name household brand names for residential security (like Ring, Nest, and ADT), but we’d be hard-pressed to do the same in the commercial world. That’s because the industry is fragmented, dominated by no one competitor in particular, and often served by a bevy of mom and pops.
  • Commercial opportunities go beyond security. Electronic access control is at the forefront of the conversation throughout Covid. How does a building keep sick people from entering? How does a building reduce touchpoints on door handles? Surveillance Secure offers thermal temperature detection cameras and integrates them with access control, things like automatic door openers triggered only by a normal temperature reading. Businesses are also using surveillance cameras for business analytics and operational efficiencies, offering infinitely more applications and revenue opportunities than residential homes. 

While home services franchises are aplenty, there are very few franchises out there that target the commercial world, and do it effectively. Surveillance Secure is perhaps the best in its category and offers best in class training, support, and technology for franchise owners. The franchisor provides exceptional in-territory marketing services and handles technical support for a franchisee’s clients. Thus, franchise owners do not need a technical background, but should be confident in their abilities to build relationships and convert leads into sales. 

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Published: October 13th, 2020

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