Golden Chick Taps Innovation, Launches New Technology To Maximize ROI For Franchisees
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Golden Chick Taps Innovation, Launches New Technology To Maximize ROI For Franchisees

Golden Chick Taps Innovation, Launches New Technology To Maximize ROI For Franchisees

I joined the Golden Chick team in late January 2020, just weeks before the Covid pandemic spiked in Texas. One of the first priorities for the team was to quickly stand up and integrate our third-party food Delivery Apps using OLO (Online Ordering).

Our team has been able to help our brand quickly transform how our restaurants’ back of house operates using technology. Through the support of operations and adoption from our Franchisees, we have been able to not only survive the pandemic but have had record numbers and growth.

Here are just a few tools rolling out to all of our new and pre-existing stores:

1) Third-Party food Delivery Apps with OLO

We are partnering with OLO and teams such as UberEats, Door Dash, and Grub Hub for food delivery that integrates directly to our POS systems. By working fast and furiously to onboard the entire brand, we have positioned ourselves better to take advantage of competitive rates with most of these vendors and maintain loyalty from our customers.

2) Manager Tablets for – Prep-Sheets, Checklists, OLO and Food Safety Prep and Print

We are rolling out manager tablets to 100% of our Golden Chick locations. These tablets come fully loaded with a suite of Apps and tools such as, OLO, Compeat Prep Sheets and manger checklists, online inventory, and Eco Lab Prep and Print for food Safety.

3) Contactless Payments

Aloha Pin Pads are part of our standard technology POS packages, which allows many forms of contactless payment such as Apple and Google Pay. This adds a layer of social distancing and comfort for the safety of our customers.

4) Hold Timers 

Food Safety is always a top priority for operations. To support our store owners use of technology, we have provided hold timers for food free of charge to all franchisees. 

5) Back of House Technology Towers 

With the growing amount of technology in our restaurants, store managers have been inundated with added devices such as camera and cable boxes, Aloha Servers, and fire wall guards in their back office. Our IT team has introduced a new Tech Tower Rack that organizes all BOH systems. This allows ease of troubleshooting by standardizing placement of each, with labels and instruction guides.

6) Customer Facing – Kiosks 

We have recently partnered with BITE for our front facing kiosks in stores. We love BITE because it integrates with OLO, which means that our apps team can manage our kiosks’ online menu panels in a single setting and avoid duplicating efforts and minimizing room for error. Bite kiosks also increase our ticket average and scale back the number of front of house crew members needed during lunch and dinner rushes.

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Golden Chick is committed to providing the newest and most innovative technology tools to help our franchisees achieve the level of success they expect.

For further information about the brand, its franchisees, and what it takes to become a Golden Chick franchise operator, visit or call 833-963-2525 for more information.


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Published: November 5th, 2021

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