Good Gravy! Smoke's Poutinerie Sets the Trends for a Creative Take on a Classic Dish
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Good Gravy! Smoke's Poutinerie Sets the Trends for a Creative Take on a Classic Dish

Good Gravy! Smoke's Poutinerie Sets the Trends for a Creative Take on a Classic Dish

How many different ways can you customize Poutine? Just ask, Smoke’s Poutinerie and you’ll get an answer that is as WEIRD, WILD + WACKY, and seriously strategic as the unique Canadian brand. Smoke’s Poutinerie takes this GASTRONOMICAL DISH to a whole new level with 250 BILLION combinations of Fries, Curd & Gravy loaded with anything you can imagine on top!

Smoke’s Poutinerie has been unabashedly shaking up the franchise world since late 2009, when the lumberjack plaid and fur-hat wearing entrepreneur Ryan Smolkin created a brand – and a whole new quick service food category – to bring loaded fries to the masses through franchising.

The experiential brand’s creative take on the classic Canadian dish is driving Smoke’s Poutinerie to new heights, on the road to GLOBAL DOMINATION! with 150-plus locations throughout Canada and the United States.

“We are unique, edgy, WEIRD, WILD + WACKY – and known for constantly pushing the boundaries as DISRUPTERS in the foodservice industry,” says Smolkin. “Adding unexpected ingredients helps us to match our food to our Brand. We always ask ourselves, ‘What would Smoke do?’ and then we load the craziest toppings we can find onto our base of fresh-cut fries, squeaky cheese curds and Smoke’s signature piping hot gravy!”  

It’s easy to see why Smoke Poutinerie has developed a cult following of Plaid Nation fans. What happens next is limited only by the imagination.

Think Chili Cheese Bacon, Butter Chicken, or the late-night favorite “Hangover,” featuring scrambled eggs, double-smoked bacon, and maple syrup.  “Hogtown” boasts Italian sausage, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and that double-smoked bacon, while Korean BBQ Poutine comes complete with flatiron steak, sambal, Korean BBQ sauce and green onions. The menu also serves up fries, sans meat, with such dishes as Rainbow, topped off with guacamole, sriracha, sour cream, and cheese sauce.  

“We are testing a variety of options, but it is definitely on our radar to be adding more plant-based proteins all the time,” says Matt Jenkyns, corporate operations manager of Smoke’s Poutinerie.  “In the New Year, we will be launching cauliflower bites as a substitute for any meat topping.”

Not to be outdone by the brand’s broad menu, Smoke’s Poutinerie continues to have serious game when it comes to Limited Time Only Poutine fare.

The best LTO ever might have been the one Smoke created for the annual ChrisKwanKah holiday!  To add to the celebration, Smoke’s Poutinerie introduced a unique element from each of the major holidays ChrisKwanKah is comprised of – Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa – and fused them all together in one glorious concoction. The result?  A Cajun-style Chicken Drumstick (bone and all), with applesauce and potato latkes. For Smoke’s Poutinerie, it’s all about pushing the boundaries and entertaining fans!

With exponential development in Canada and the U.S., and growth targeted for Europe, Asia and Mexico, Smoke’s Poutinerie is set to continue to break franchise boundaries to bring Poutine to the World in new and ingenious ways. Up next: the brand’s mobile app, set to hit locations in early 2019, with the introduction of Smoke’s Poutinerie kiosks not far behind.

The new technology will offer a BUILD YOUR OWN menu where Smoke’s Poutinerie plans to introduce even WEIRDER, WILDER + WACKIER toppings, all while bringing unique experiences to fans and providing them with even more tools to further their engagement with this entertainment-fueled brand!

Ready to jump on the WEIRD, WILD + WACKY Gravy Train?! For more information about available franchise opportunities, contact Mike Graham, Vice President of Franchise Development, at or call (905) 427-4444, ext. 205. You can also visit to catch up on the latest brand development news.


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Published: November 7th, 2018

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