the inside coup Ramping Up With Innovative Marketing Strategies
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the inside coup Ramping Up With Innovative Marketing Strategies

the inside coup Ramping Up With Innovative Marketing Strategies

As an emerging brand, the inside coup is kicking its winning franchise blueprint up a notch with an ever-growing dream team of cutting edge marketing strategies set to take the innovative, upscale magazine to new heights in the multi-billion dollar direct mail industry.

The inside coup, on track to be a leading national direct mail magazine within the next five years, is making its mark with a dynamic franchise investment and a fresh approach to the local mailbox.  (see: the inside coup Offers a Powerful Investment Opportunity)

“We are your neighborhood guide to connecting local,” says Maury Yoder, the inside coup’s vice president of marketing.  “We have taken a hard look at how we are positioned in the market and have worked diligently to be the premier high-end direct mail solution for advertisers. Taking deliberate steps to hone our marketing so our franchisees do not have to worry about the marketing aspect. This frees up our franchisees to do what they do best, run their business!”

Thanks to the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based brand’s “conveyor belt of support,” that job for franchisees is becoming easier than ever before. The franchise recently bolstered its state-of-the-art mapping system, which customizes mailing distributions in a given market, with the launch of An industry first, the global interactive territory mapping tool takes the selling approach to a new level.  Think Google Maps for the direct mail industry, complete with available links that reveal zones, regions, and states in an interactive format.

“You can zoom out to see the entire globe or zoom in to see every street name,” Yoder explains. “The application also allows users, with just a click, to get demographic information about that territory.”

Coming soon is a new digital coupon website, The site, on tap for 2018, will include a membership/subscriber option that Yoder predicts will be a boon for the brand and the high margin potential of multiple revenue streams that the home-based business model brings to investors.

“We’ve done the research and it shows that most people patronize businesses that are three-to-five miles from where they live,” notes Yoder. “This means we are able to target consumers within that magical three-to-five mile radius. As a result, there is a higher percentage of turning first-time customers into loyal patrons.”

These newest applications build on a powerful marketing base already in place to meet the needs of readers and franchisees of the inside coup, founded in 2011 by direct mail veteran David Sliman.

The brand’s main digital presence is their interactive, responsive, and robust website,, the go-to spot for readers and potential advertisers, and the link to the franchise website, where owners can find a wealth of training, marketing, and support materials to effectively run their day-to-day business. Readers, who also have access to a digital subscription of the magazine, can find additional neighborhood resources and events showcased in specific mailing zones in the inside coup content-driven blog.

“Studies show that people are so inundated with digital advertising that it has become easier to block out,” explains Yoder. “They’ve also shown that when marketing campaigns are multi-faceted it has a bigger impact and creates a validation of the advertiser in the mind of the consumer. When people are able to hold a high quality publication, and it is coupled with a high-end digital presence, it creates legitimacy in the minds of the consumers and puts advertisers ahead of their competition in the respective markets.”

Yoder says the inside coup is also busy behind the scenes with a flurry of supporting techniques that includes pay-per-click marketing, SEO and analytics tracking and reporting, national press releases, social media marketing, multimedia marketing, sales and training collateral.

“We are constantly researching marketing trends and staying ahead of the curve whenever possible,” adds Yoder. “We strive to really listen to our franchisees about their needs and what is working for them to constantly tweak our approach and materials to stay ahead of the competition.”

For readers and franchisees of the inside coup – that’s a win-win for the future of the burgeoning brand.


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Published: November 30th, 2017

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