Build Your Own After-School Program Business With iKids U®
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Build Your Own After-School Program Business With iKids U®

Build Your Own After-School Program Business With iKids U®

Children today need educational opportunities now more than ever before. That’s because American school-aged children spend more time involved in discretionary activities than in school. Meanwhile, more parents work outside the home than ever and often find it difficult to find adequate after-school options for their children. 

Researchers from the Urban Institute found that about one in five children ages 6 to 12 spend their after-school hours without supervision. Policymakers, educators, and parents recognize the need for quality after-school programs and the role these programs can play in promoting the growth and development of the next generation.

Autumn and Jonathan Seiler were working parents when they decided to create their own organized, customized, and enriching out-of-school programming in 2007. They founded iKids U, a unique concept that provides a complete suite of activities designed to expand on the education and growth of children through after-school care, enrichment classes, one-on-one services, and camps.

“As working parents, we recognized that there was a lot that could be done to improve the after-school program model,” says Autumn Seiler, founder & president of the Houston-based iKids Inc. So they developed their own model to address problems such as an apparent lack of organization and quality, the absence of qualified staff and supervisors to guide children and track attendance, poor staff-to-student ratios, and mediocre curriculums with limited activity and scheduling options. “We decided to develop a program that changed all this – and that provided schools and families a streamlined, single source for after-school activities, versus inundating them with offerings from multiple vendors.”

Today, iKids U is a proven one-stop, after-school shop that meets the needs of schools, parents, and students through its organized approach of providing a single point of contact for a variety of activities. The brand allows the right franchise partners to bring iKids U programs to their communities through partnerships with local schools and other organizations. iKids U can be tailored for each location and targeted to the interests of students through a variety of educational, creative, and recreational activities.

The iKids U model is flexible and adaptable, allowing its operators to establish a business and a work-life balance that is right for them. Initially, franchisees can save significant overhead costs by operating from a home office. The mobile business operation doesn’t require the purchase of land or facilities because it’s conducted at schools and other locations. It scales easily as franchise operators grow their business. The brand’s business model and support assures franchisees they’ll be able to operate their business with confidence at every stage.

iKids U franchise operators not only have access to a proven and established business model, but also to the brand’s exclusive Pre-K through 5th-grade curriculums, marketing expertise, comprehensive training and support, and more. 

“Our convenient, timely, and much-needed concept is designed to meet the needs of today’s busy families,” says Seiler. “The convenience and flexibility of iKids U aligns with parents’ work schedules, caters to different family dynamics, and works well with the generational trend of instant and onsite services.”

If you are looking for a career that is rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling, then

iKids U could be the franchise for you. Territories are available. For more information on how to become an iKids U franchisee, visit or call 713-665-5200 for more information.


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Published: December 24th, 2019

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