Wellness Brand REVOLISM is "Doing Good, By Doing Well"
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Wellness Brand REVOLISM is "Doing Good, By Doing Well"

Wellness Brand REVOLISM is

If, as they say, innovation is the intersection of great ideas, the science-backed brand, REVOLISM, is set to make a life-changing mark in the $1 trillion global wellness industry.

REVOLISM, revving up to expand nationwide, is the exclusive franchisor of Metabolic Code, a proprietary wellness assessment protocol with decades of clinical success, previously only available through healthcare practitioners. The emerging customer-focused brand bridges the gap between science and technology to deliver a comprehensive state-of-the-art health, wellness, and weight loss solution that is the perfect franchise fit.

Franchise veteran and REVOLISM founder David Ramadan has created an “ingenious,” results-driven system with an accessible, whole health approach to wellness that makes it easy for anyone to adopt and succeed, says Bassel Haidar, president of Metabolic Code, which uses a cloud-based technology, with a data and decision engine that measures and scores the vital signs of wellness to address core health challenges that individuals are struggling with every day like stress, sleep, weight, digestion, energy, and focus.

“We have this great science and technology and now this great delivery mechanism in franchising that is highly available, with coaching, at a fair price,” says Haidar. “REVOLISM can change the lives of many, many people and everybody connected to their life.”

The power of REVOLISM is in a delivery that is both high-tech and high-touch.

Franchisees are certified as wellness coaches at George Washington University, rigorously trained by some of the most well-known integrative healthcare practitioners in the country.  Once certified, wellness coaches work directly with clients wherever they choose—at home, work, or on the go. Coaches provide an initial consultation and ongoing support to help their clients stay motivated and on track based on the findings of their personalized metabolic report. The program features an app to keep people on track with their nutrition and exercise plan, as well as the ability to connect with their coaches using secure messaging for additional help and support.

In addition to the personal coaching, nutrition, and exercise components of the REVOLISM program is the strategic use of personalized nutritional supplements. These recommended supplements, based on their individualized findings through the wellness report, address any nutritional deficiencies that are keeping people from feeling the best they can, Haidar says.  The supplements, created exclusively for REVOLISM, arrive automatically each month, generating recurring revenue for the wellness coach.

“To get nutritional supplements that are targeted to a person’s individual chemistry and shipped monthly to their home in the $100 to $200 price range, REVOLISM has achieved convenience, personalization, and a fair price that the consumers will love and adopt,” says Haidar. “This is so crucial because you can have the best science, the best technology, the best coaching, and if it is expensive or inconvenient, people will not buy it.”

For franchisees, REVOLISM is a winning investment with unlimited promise, notes Haidar, an entrepreneur, technologist, wellness coach, and adjunct professor at GW. With ever-rising diabetes rates and an estimated two-thirds of the population considered to be overweight or obese, REVOLISM is a life-changing solution for anyone who wants to live well and lose weight.

“The challenge that we have today with health, as a society, is that everyone is talking about prevention, but, so far, health and, generally, medicine really is disease based – ‘matching your ill to the pill mentality’,” notes Haidar. “The main issue in medicine is, it doesn’t tell you how far away you are from being truly well and more importantly, what are the concrete steps or protocol to bring people back to their full health glow – this is precisely what we do with the Metabolic Code and REVOLISM.”

REVOLISM franchise ownership is right for anyone who is interested in health and wellness, connects easily with people, and wants to make a big change in the world, says Haidar. The brand offers a flexible and versatile franchise structure with a virtual franchise starting at a $2,500 franchise fee to brick-and-mortar locations that begin with an initial franchise fee of $10,000. Total franchise investments range from $10,000 to $67,500.

Haidar credits Ramadan, who brings decades of franchise experience to REVOLISM, for the vision to create a brand that delivers the double bottom line: “doing good, by doing well.”


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Published: February 1st, 2018

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