Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunity Guide

Multi-unit franchising has significantly altered the traditional franchising model, with far-reaching effects for franchisees and franchisors. Most franchise operations love the approach of having one operator running several units – and for good reason.

Multi-unit operators typically are experienced, skilled, professional business executives who have chosen franchising as their business model. They have the skills, capital, infrastructure, and vision to operate multiple units – and the ability to continue adding units to their portfolio without stressing their organization (or their nerves).

If you have the background, experience, and drive to take on these challenges, franchising offers you a path to achieve your dreams. But you can't do it alone. Rely on people, partners, and delegation—plus a large helping of your own passion, patience, dedication, and hard work—and yes, you can grow a multi-unit empire.

Below are some of today's many opportunities.